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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Comic Relief

For some much-needed comic relief, here's a photo of Ian from Sunday (courtesy of Ellen Patton, photographer extraordinaire).

Mat had a good day today. He's pretty wonky from the pain medication he's on, but is in good spirits. He met his goals for today: he sipped juice and took two brief walks to the nurses' station and back (about 50 yards each trip).

Goal for tomorrow: drink more, walk more. More walking means no more catheter (something that completely fascinated Ian when he came to visit this afternoon).

An update from yesterday -- Mat feels up to having visitors, so if you'd like to stop by, you're welcome to. Mat's at MGH in the White building (elevator A), room 716B. He says, however, that you should keep your expectations low!


Anonymous said...

OH, YEAH!! I love this photo of Ian! It really captures his very sweet side, apart from being hilarious. I am so sooooo SO happy to hear Mat is doing well; I have been holding my breath for days! The sun is out and Mat is walking to the nurse’s station. Hooray! Thanks for writing this Blog, Kimberly.

Hugs all around, Luna

Rachel said...

What a great photo. I love your family photo, too. Can you send me one? Did Lara take it? I can't believe how big Colin is now.