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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Home Improvement

The new obsession that is currently monopolizing our lives is a lengthy list of home improvements. This fall may not have been the ideal time to have the house re-roofed and re-sided, with Mat completing his recovery from surgery, but we've never had the best timing. And Mat's dad offered to do all the work, with some help from his cousin JR. How can you turn down an offer like that?

This photo shows the south side of the house nearly complete -- the upper right-hand corner hasn't been painted yet. Since the photo, the roof is done, the siding is done, and Mat's dad is safely back in Idaho.

Mat is feeling pretty close to normal, and may actually be enjoying doing some finishing touches: painting trim, installing the screen door, and mounting a beautiful new house number next to the front door.

Although the list of potential projects is long (deck, basement, garage, landscaping, bathroom ...), our patience and our bank account have run out.

But if you're interested in working on a deck this spring ... I can hook you up.


ellen said...

The house looks great! I'll do a drive-by soon!!

Rachel said...

So glad to see a photo of your new home. I love it! Welcome to home ownership--never enough time or money to make all the improvements desired.