Happy: A Quest for Life After Death

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Two Weeks! I Want My Two Weeks!

A friend recently reminded me of a funny scene in the movie, Better Off Dead. A newspaperboy on a bike chases John Cusack's character through the street, trying to collect money from him, yelling, "Two dollars! I want my two dollars!"

I don't want my two dollars. I want my two weeks.

Mat has a six-week medication schedule: four weeks taking meds, two weeks off. Rinse. Repeat. The four weeks on medication are rocky. The first few days "on" Mat doesn't feel well, then he seems to feel better for a week or so before progressively feeling worse for the remainder of the four weeks.

By the end of the four weeks, I'm ready for Perky Mat to re-emerge, which usually does pretty quickly and lasts two weeks until he starts the cycle again.

I was totally ripped off this time around. The last day of Mat's four weeks he came down with strep throat, and spent the entire next week -- a vacation week -- being Slo-Mo Mat.

Mat felt better this week, but starts on meds again today.

Two weeks! I want my two weeks!