Happy: A Quest for Life After Death

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Younger, more beautiful-looking skin

Although MRI scans gave us something to cheer about a couple of weeks ago, real life has been a tad slower to follow.

Some rather embarrassing ... er ... digestive problems that have resulted from the side effects of chemotherapy have been plaguing Mat for a few weeks now. These have been painfully (and I do mean painfully) slow to resolve themselves, even with the help of yet another batch of prescriptions and a bunch of dietary changes.

That, plus chemotherapy side effects and cancer-related pain, kept us from breaking out the bottle of bubbly (sparkling cider!).

We'll keep the bottle in the fridge, though, because Mat finally feels like life may be catching up to the MRI. A Botox injection, of all things, seems to be helping with the digestive problems. (Mat reports that any shred of remaining pride is now long gone. I, on the other hand, was tempted to ask the colorectal surgeon if she could do something about my crow's feet while she had the syringe out, but I restrained myself.)

Even better, Mat has a strong suspicion that his tumors are starting to shrink. He's feeling a bit less back pain, and has more of an appetite, which are indications that the tumors pressing into his spine and stomach are smaller. Yay!

Now if Mat could just get past the chemo nausea and gain back about 20 pounds ... never mind. We'll take what we can get.


rebecca said...

Botox...who knew? You're going to have a trophy husband on your arm if this keeps up:)
Seriously though, every shred of good news is wonderful to hear. Best wishes!

ellen said...

Thanks for sharing the good news! I can't believe Mat beat me to the botox.

Trent, Sherie, Adam & Bridget said...


lifeinredshoes said...

I have been following your touching story, and I have 20 pounds that I would gladly donate to the cause, about 5 times over! Hang in there, things sound promising.

Anonymous said...

Aimee told me she ran into you and Emily at Curious George and I was INSANELY jealous.
Missing you like CRAZY - I think of you all the time.

Chelsi Ritter said...

that's so great about the tumors, kim! is there a story behind the "bubbly"?