Happy: A Quest for Life After Death

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dr. House

Mat went shopping yesterday and bought ... a cane. He's tired a lot of the time lately, and the cane helps to support his weight. He's kind of distinguished looking with the cane, in a Dr. House kind of way. If only it had flames painted on it.

Any volunteers?

This is a "vacation" week for Mat -- meaning no chemo. The timing is handy, because the kids have a demanding schedule of Halloween festivities this week.

The preschool trunk-or-treat was Saturday; the ward party is Thursday; and class parties and trick-or-treating of course are Friday. Colin has decided to be "black Spiderman." Ian is still torn between a vampire, a soccer player, and a Red Sox player.

Let's hope he decides soon, and that there's time to throw it together before Friday!