Happy: A Quest for Life After Death

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dr. House

Mat went shopping yesterday and bought ... a cane. He's tired a lot of the time lately, and the cane helps to support his weight. He's kind of distinguished looking with the cane, in a Dr. House kind of way. If only it had flames painted on it.

Any volunteers?

This is a "vacation" week for Mat -- meaning no chemo. The timing is handy, because the kids have a demanding schedule of Halloween festivities this week.

The preschool trunk-or-treat was Saturday; the ward party is Thursday; and class parties and trick-or-treating of course are Friday. Colin has decided to be "black Spiderman." Ian is still torn between a vampire, a soccer player, and a Red Sox player.

Let's hope he decides soon, and that there's time to throw it together before Friday!


Sweeney Household said...

It's been fun to see all of you at various events - hayride & preschool Halloween party! The cane would look nice with flames. Brian's mom has one with poker cards and gambling images. I can find out where she got it if Mat is interested! he he he.

SLP said...

I think he should get Rainbow Bright and her friends painted on it :0) Matchbox cars could be another alternative...

Chelsi Ritter said...

that's great that mat has some time off! i hope you enjoyed halloween weekend!