Happy: A Quest for Life After Death

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mat's home

Mat came home from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon, and he's much happier now that the pain in his stomach is gone. He must be on some kind of frequent-customer plan, because he was lucky enough to get a room in the Phillips House section of MGH again, with a great view of the Charles River and Cambridge. And, if you have good eyesight, even of our neighborhood.

Mat's recovery seems to be going well -- it's not as major a surgery as his previous two, and he's got even better pain meds now than before. (Don't believe in miracles? Let me introduce you to "the patch.") He does have yet another nice row of staples, closing up the six-inch incision, but those will come out soon.

It all still feels a bit surreal, but I've decided surreal is good. Sometimes a little distance between me and reality is just what I need.

In someone else's life, an emergency surgery like this might be the defining event of the year, or at least the highlight of the Christmas letter. In the life of the Burnett family, it feels more like a week-long inconvenience that is soon to be displaced by another crisis. Welcome to our world.

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