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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Power Port

Mat took the first step on Thursday toward a new bionic body with a Power Port. The titanium device was implanted in his chest and will be used to receive infusions of chemo and/or fluids, and can also be used to draw blood. I'm sure Mat would be cheering at the thought of NO MORE NEEDLE STICKS except that his shoulder and upper chest are quite sore.

He'll start his new chemo regimen, 5-FU (no, I didn't just say a dollar word), on Wednesday. He'll be hooked up to an infuser in the hospital, take it home with him to wear for the next 30 hours or so, and come back on Friday to have it unhooked. Friday is also when a nurse will teach me how to unhook Mat from the infuser at home, so that every chemo treatment doesn't require two trips to MGH.

Shouldn't I have a degree in nursing for this?

Disappointingly, the Power Port is actually not bionic, and no further steps toward a bionic body are planned. Over the summer, however, we seriously discussed the merits of Mat becoming a vampire (brought on by the Twilight series). I'm all for it, as long as Mat can remember not to eat our boys.

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