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Friday, June 05, 2009

Pie Friday

I sometimes think wistfully about Pie Friday.

The blessed day, started by a coworker with a passion for pie, was observed for a few blissful months in my office. Nearly every Friday afternoon, someone would zip over to Petsi Pies (Beacon Street, Somerville) and bring back one ... or two ... or three pies and then send out an email alerting staff to their arrival. Then we'd all stand around in the hallway eating pie. The big filing cabinets there were a good stand-in for a sideboard, useful for slicing, serving, and admiring the pie.

Apple pie ... tart cherry crumb ... Key lime ... mixed berry ... chocolate banana cream pie and -- sorry mom -- bourbon chocolate pecan.

Of course the pies could never be divided perfectly evenly, and I always had the sense that a few of us lingered well past polishing off our pieces, hoping for a few bites of that last piece. Or maybe it was just me.

Sadly, the coworker who started Pie Friday left and the tradition died. (Her going-away party, however, was quite a smorgasbord.)

Lucky for me I have wonderful friends, one of whom brought a chocolate banana cream pie last week, and another of whom brought a Key lime pie this week. Yep, Petsi Pies.

My very own personal Pie Friday.

(OK, I did share with Mat, but it was with a certain degree of reluctance. I knew Mat liked Key lime, but since WHEN does Mat like chocolate?)


ellen said...

I've driven by Petsi's and now I need to stop and by a pie! Chocolate cream will be my first to try!

lifeinredshoes said...

Mmmmm pie.
Remember a few years back when Oprah got into trouble with the Texas cattle ranchers over a comment she made about hamburger? Anyhow, it lead to some blown out of proportion lawsuit that landed her in court for a couple of weeks in Texas and she said that the only thing that got her through that ordeal was pie and Jesus.
Here's wishing you all the pie and Jesus you need during this time.
Hang in there, Red Shoes

SLP said...

We LOVE Petsi Pies!
Wishing you a delicious Friday...

Janna said...

I thank God, literally God in Heaven, for your willingness to blog about you, your experience, your marriage, and Mat. You remind me of the power of love.