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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What a day dad had

It's 11:34 p.m., so I'll make this short and sweet.

Mat has been having difficulty walking and sitting -- two fairly basic life activities -- for about a month. His hip hurts. He hasn't been out playing basketball, and that roller-blading fiasco happened back in July, so it must be ... cancer.

Mat mentioned it to Dr. Ryan, who saw a spot on the latest CT scan in Mat's right hip that could account for the pain. He sent Mat off for a bone scan on Monday just to be sure the spot he saw wasn't scar tissue from an old injury, and we got the results today.

It is cancer, but it's curable. Well, not the whole thing, just the bits in his hip. Dang.

Apparently cancer cells that have taken up residence in bones respond quite well to radiation, so a few radiation treatments -- Mat's first -- and the pain should go away. Wow. If only all of life were so easy.

We went directly from Dr. Ryan to the basement of MGH to meet a radiation oncologist. Signed a few consent forms, just had time for lunch at Anna's Taqueria, and were back for radiation simulation (they figure out exactly where to aim the radiation) and the first treatment in the afternoon. It made for a long day, but the prospect of putting a spring back in Mat's step helped.

Nine more treatments from now (one every weekday), and Mat's hip should be feeling much, much better. The downside is some fatigue (of course), and the logistical headache of a shlep to MGH every day for the next two weeks. (We're currently recruiting volunteer drivers!)

Oh, and Mat may have some tightness in the hip joint down the road -- five or ten years from now.

I say with all sincerity that I hope Mat's hip hurts like hell five or ten years from now.


Srta. White said...

Though I have been a faithful reader of your blog, I haven't ever posted a comment. You and Mat are always in my prayers! I wish like anything that I could be a volunteer driver. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you always.
Wendi White

lifeinredshoes said...

I'm with Wendi, although I have left a few comments.
I think of you and Mat and the journey you are taking and pray for more good days than bad.
Sometimes it's hard to accept that this is all part of "The Plan".

Shauna said...

We're with you - I hope his hip hurts like hell in ten years too!

amydear said...

Oh man, another kink in the whole process! I pray for you guys every night. I hope the radiation helps and that Mat's hip can be relatively pain free soon.

Chelsi Ritter said...

kimberly i miss you and your amazing outlook on life. i'm so glad that mat can be free of pain soon! i think of you often, and miss our chats. you're in our prayers,