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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blood sugar

Mat qualified for the clinical trial (YAY!), and his big first day was ... today!

And what a big day it was!

The clinical trial involves two drugs, one of which is taken in a pill (RAD 001, a name almost as good as 5-FU), once daily. The other is a drug that's injected subcutaneously twice daily (and has a much less interesting name -- SOM 230 or something). We both got to learn how to give the shots, first practicing on fake skin and then the real thing. Mat also learned how to test his blood sugar with a finger prick twice daily, because the shots can cause high blood sugar.

Mat got a shot, and then ... threw up. The shot is not supposed to cause nausea, and I really hope Mat doesn't have a repeat of this spring's clinical trial, but we'll see. His evening shot is making him feel sick as I write this. Dang.

As bad as throwing up is, Mat's real fear about this clinical trial over the past week has been the possibility of high blood sugar. Mat feels like he doesn't deserve diabetes -- he doesn't even eat Twinkies! I've tried to explain that lots of people with all kinds of body types and eating habits have diabetes, but he does have a point -- isn't high blood sugar one thing too many?

I guess not, because within hours of taking the first shot, Mat tested his blood sugar level as instructed and had a reading well above normal. Not quite high enough to cause symptoms like fatigue and thirst, but too high to be healthy.

He talked to his doctor tonight, and it looks like he'll be starting treatment for high blood sugar in the next day or two. Steroids, perhaps, plus a Twinkie?


brandypouliot said...

A Twinkie would be wonderful and it definitely sounds like a Twinkie is much deserved.

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