Happy: A Quest for Life After Death

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey ... you stabbed me!

One of Mat's ... favorite parts of the latest clinical trial has been the twice-daily shots of SOM230. Some of these he gives himself, in the leg. The back of his arm is harder for him to reach, so these are my job.

The process is simple: snap the top off the glass ampule, draw out the SOM230 with a filter needle, replace the filter needle with a thin needle (it won't hurt, I promise). Then, pinch the back of the arm, hold the needle poised, overcome decades of conditioning (do not stick people with sharp objects!), and ... stab the arm. Sometimes it goes well, others not quite so much. Sorry! That wasn't supposed to hurt!

Fortunately, the rash of stabbings in the neighborhood seems to have subsided. The twice-daily shots have been replaced with a once-monthly long-acting version of the drug. Whew.

In the meantime, the upside of recent frigid temperatures is a beautifully frozen neighborhood pond. The boys and I went skating today while Mat reported for nap duty. Colin, in his second attempt at skating, pushed crates around the pond at the speed of light and Ian practiced hockey stops. It was a nice day.


SLP said...

I want to report for nap duty too!
The boy's looked soo grown up at church today, I am loving their long, beautiful locks...

EmilyCC said...

Golly...two times a day injections versus a monthly pill? What an improvement!

Missing you, my friend!

Rachel said...

Glad there's one less thing to worry about. When we had to give Nicholas subcutaneous shots daily for his first 9 months of life, I made Chad do it. You're a brave woman! Do you ever wonder if you missed your calling in the medical profession???