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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CT scan results

Mat got CT scan results today -- his first since starting the latest clinical trial. The results are in, we've tallied the judges' scores, and ... no growth, no shrinkage.

We are hugely relieved that the cancer has not grown. Just before getting CT scans and results every two months, we start microanalyzing how Mat is feeling to try to prepare for the results we might hear. Mat has been in more pain than usual lately, so we both thought the news might be bad. It turns out that Mat is just developing more tolerance to his pain medication, so he has a new higher dose that we're hoping will help.

Someday all the anxiety that builds up between the CT scan and getting the results up to a week later is all going to boil over and I'm going to throw up in the doctor's office. (Mat's already done this, but I think cancer treatment may be playing a role in his case.) Today I came close.

The results re-set the clock, and now we have a plan for the next two months: stay on the clinical trial, show up at the hospital every Wednesday for bloodwork and vital signs, and we'll hope for more of the same (or better!) two months from now.

Thanks for all your prayers, well wishes, and love. They really keep us going.


EmilyCC said...

This post makes me so happy! Well...not the almost barfing part. (Though under such stress, I'm impressed that you didn't hurl!)

Sweeney Household said...

Great news! :)

Janae said...

Good news. Kimberly, I don't know how you and Matt do it. Honestly, you are both AMAZING.

Melissa said...

Hey Mom asked me to pass on you and Mat are in her thoughts (she saw your mom at the store). And I say go ahead and barf-someone else can clear up the mess at the doctors office :)

SLP said...

GRrrrrrreat news! Nothing like status quo :)
Have a yummy desert to celebrate.