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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Room With a View, Part Deux

It's been roughly a year since Mat's last hospital stay, and we had just started to worry that Mat would lose his frequent visitor status when: SURPRISE! Mat won a round-trip ticket to MGH for a few nights.

You can relax: this time it's not an emergency.

After six weeks or so of adjusting pain medication doses to no avail, Mat's doctor finally decided it was time to switch to ... methadone. Apparently in addition to being a good way to wean off of heroin, methadone is also a great pain reliever. It's also takes a few days to take effect, and it's hard to get the dose right, so making the switch from Fentanyl requires a hospital stay.

After a couple of months of being nearly constantly in pain -- recently unable to get out of bed for more than about 90 minutes a day because of the discomfort caused by any kind of movement -- Mat was really ready to try something new.

And after his first day on methadone, today, Mat seemed like his old self. It was good to see him again.

And he got a room in the Phillips House, which is the Ritz Carlton of hospital rooms. He has a large, private room with wood floors, a sofa, a desk, a fridge and a great view of the Charles.

No stationery, though.


Anonymous said...

Kimberly! Sounds like fancy digs Mat has! Please please please let me know if there is EVER anything I can do to help - cause you know - "You'll always have a place inside the pack"

- Denise

Anonymous said...
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lifeinredshoes said...

Has he tried Oxi? It made a world of difference for my Mom.

SLP said...

Did it include room service?
I hope you got some yummy meals while there:)