Happy: A Quest for Life After Death

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Motorcycle Cure

It's a little-known approach to curing cancer, but Mat decided to give it a try: the Motorcycle Cure.

Actually, about a month ago, Mat had a dream. He was riding a motorcycle in upstate New York with a buddy.

When he woke up, Mat was a man on a mission. Two weeks later he had his learner's permit, and one week after that he had taken and passed a two-day motorcycle riding class and earned his motorcycle license. Three days after that, a brand new (slightly used) Triumph motorcycle in Lucifer orange and silver was sitting in our garage.

Mat doesn't believe in wasting time.

In the week or so since then, Mat hasn't been able to do much riding -- he had his shot of SOM 230 (chemo) last week, which puts him out of commission for a few days, and he is having a little trouble walking.

Don't worry, though -- he will.

Although my official position is that motorcycles are dangerous and Mat's crazy to ride one, I secretly suspect that a motorcycle ride a couple of times a week might be just what the doctor ordered.