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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bone Destruction

We got the results from the latest scan today.

I could tell immediately from Dr. Ryan's expression that the news wasn't great. The cancer is technically stable -- the growth between this scan and the March scan is within the margin of measurement error. But compared to the December scan, done before Mat started the RAD001, it's clearly worse.

The soft tissue (pancreas, lungs, lymph nodes) tumors are about 10 percent larger, which is not the end of the world. The bone tumors, though, are 30 percent larger. The one in his spine is causing some back pain, and the one in his pelvic bone has caused a small fracture.

No wonder Mat's having so much trouble walking.

So Mat is dropping out of the clinical trial. The good news about that is that he can start radiation for the bone tumors, a treatment that wasn't permitted during the clinical trial.

Mat's last round of radiation worked quickly and had limited side effects, so he's quite looking forward to this round. Three weeks of daily visits to the hospital is kind of a drag, but that annoyance pales in comparison to the prospect of Mat being in much less pain within a couple of weeks.

After radiation, then it's back to chemo for the soft tissue tumors. We're not sure what kind, but are confident that Dr. Ryan will come up with something good.

In the meantime, Mat has an excuse to ride his motorcycle to MGH every day.