Happy: A Quest for Life After Death

Thursday, August 04, 2011


I found this picture of my mom last weekend while I was at her house, digging through her photos and scrapbooks for the life sketch that I delivered at her funeral. I'm not sure I had ever seen it before. She strikes me as stunningly beautiful in this picture.

Maybe it's the candor of the photo, or the mild impertinence of the expression on her face. Maybe it's that she's just such a person. (I never really noticed that before.)

Then again, maybe it's because she was stunningly beautiful.


Jenn Jenson said...

Wonderful photo.

Thinking of you and hoping you're holding up or, if not, there are enough arms nearby to hug you.

Krista said...

I love the picture, too. She looks beautiful, strong, and interesting.

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing! I would love to read your "talk" on your Mom. I hope you post it...I heard it was AMAZING at best!

Luna said...

You are stunningly beautiful, Kimberly. Actually, a lot like your mom when she was younger. And you, like she did-- RADIATE warmth. Being tall, dark and handsome helps, too. If you kneel down and stuff a sweater under your shirt you will know what is it like to see the world from my angle.

When I saw those family photos (outdoors) posted on your mom's memorial blog I was... well, really blown away, to tell you the truth. You are all beautiful, but YOU alone stood out as the belle of the ball. Maybe it was photoshop?? No. it was YOU, both inside and outside shinning through.

And yes! The photo you posted is GREAT-- great in that really PERSON way, which is the best way. Their is no easy way to feel beautiful when your eyes are red and your nose runny and your sweatpants baggy... But it is there in you, and you will feel in again. You are your mom's daughter!!!!!

One Woman's Thoughts said...

Yes, a beautiful woman.

SLP said...

When I look at this photo and the one of her below it's a fascinating retrospective...
Great snapshot of her...it makes me wonder what photos of YOU I might find in your photo boxes... :)
Miss you,