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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sloppy Gloppy

If you knew Mat, you know that he had a way with words.  He liked to make up words and expressions, and for the last year I've been writing them down along with their definitions to make a Mat Dictionary.  Here are some of Mat's creations:

Sloppy gloppy:  A frequent description of the main course served at dinner, always used affectionately.

Wonka donk:  Mat on pain medication.

Unshorn sisters of the apocalypse:  Feminists at a Lilith Fair concert.

Snuffle trout:  A term of affection for Ian and Colin as infants.

Backscratcher:  A derogatory term for a past girlfriend who would sit next to Mat and scratch his back during church services.

Filthy muck:  Items belonging to Kimberly that Mat had no use for, like scrap-booking supplies and old yearbooks.

Glumpy:  A combination of emotions including gloom and weariness.  Mat often felt glumpy when he was recovering from chemotherapy.

Glom:  A term of affection for Mat's mother dating to Mat's childhood.

Paper cuppish:  The feeling of being treated as unimportant or taken for granted.

Smucktate:  A synonym for hippity-dippity.

We had a party last month to commemorate Mat just before the one-year anniversary of his passing.  There was guitar music, Virgil's root beer, mango lassis, Fruit Gums, chips and salsa, and angel food cake with strawberries and whipping cream.  Sadly, Mat's motorcycle did not make an appearance because, despite valiant efforts by two of Mat's riding buddies, we could not get it running.

We also used some of Mat's words to play a home-made game of Scattergories.  People had to write down definitions for Mat's words, occasionally real but more often invented.  It was fun.  Mat would have liked it.


ellen said...

I enjoyed the sloppy gloppy (chili) you gave me the other night. :)

amydear said...

I love these definitions! We have a few from Kyle's dad who passed away in 1999. The kids have learned some of them. I hope your boys keep these great words alive too. I'm glad you had a celebration. I was thinking about you last month.

Rachel Morrow said...

I hope the party becomes a yearly tradition. What a good idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh Joy! Another great post from you! I love these new vocab words! I still haven't told my kids that "Pum" isn't actually a word [as in, "Mom, I have to go pum now!"]

I send you xoxoxoxo--- Loonie