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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Colin's autobiography

It's been a tough week.  The fourteenth anniversary of my wedding day was Tuesday and Mat was not here to celebrate it with me, my 11-year-old graduated from fifth grade on Wednesday and Mat was not here to see it, and my first-grader presented his autobiography at school today, and again, Mat was a no-show.  (And just to round out the week, the boys and I are doing a bike ride to raise money for cancer on Saturday, and Father's Day is Sunday.)

Colin worked on his autobiography in class for months.  It has eight chapters and includes photographs and detailed drawings for each page.  This morning, on "autobiography day," I came to school so Colin could read me his book and talk about his work.

Here's chapter three, "My Family."
I have a small family. I do not have a dad because he passed away. My mom is very tall and she has black hair. My brother's name is Ian. And he is very good at baseball.  And he is also good at Xbox. And one other word about my mom. She is a very nice person. Now, my brother Ian plays soccer. He is the goalie. He is a super good goalie.  We like to go to Disneyland.  Me and my brother like to play Xbox. Me and my mom like to watch Once Upon a Time. Me and my Dad liked to go to baseball games. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Goodbye for now.

Colin was very matter-of-fact as he read this out loud.  I, on the other hand, discovered I had something in my eye that needed my attention. (And Colin clearly adores his brother.)

I'm glad Colin is able to tell people his dad passed away.  I still can't say those words.


Jenn Jenson said...

Colin is right. His Mom is a very nice person. :)

amydear said...

Oh Kimberly! This sounds like a very tough week. I am sorry. I will say an extra prayer for you. And I think you are very nice (and tall!) too.

EmilyCC said...

Have I mentioned lately how tremendous I think you and your boys are?

Sending extra love as you ride today and on Father's Day tomorrow.

Rachel Morrow said...

Colin clearly adores his mother as well as his big bro. I feel the same way!

SLP said...

I thought of you A.LOT. yesterday, father's day.
I hope you felt my arms hugging you :)
Don't forget Colin's intended comment: my Mom stands tall, she is the NICEST and continues to stand tall and be nice now that she stands alone...
Sending you much love,