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Friday, August 31, 2012

Ice Maker Assembly

I noticed the other day that the ice maker in my freezer was no longer making ice.  I missed the ice.  It's summer, and I like to drink cold water, and tonight I scraped every last ice cube out of the ice drawer that was left.  I could not make it work again no matter how many times I turned the power switch on and off.

These household breakdowns happen regularly -- sometimes in large batches -- and always threaten to tip me over the edge.  If Mat were alive and well, he would have fixed the ice maker while I put the boys to bed, and we would have celebrated with ice-cold drinks.  He would have liked fixing it.  I do not like fixing things, and these repairs are yet another reminder that Mat is gone and that I am On My Own.  Without a safety net.  Flying solo.  I hate this.

My list of household repair chores is long.  I'm not handy, I'm not particularly skilled or knowledgeable about home repair, and I don't have the time to try to figure out how to do all of these things.  I could cut back on sleep I suppose, or time at work, or what little exercise time I get, or time spent with the kids, but none of those seem like good trades.

My wise friend Janell, also a single parent, gave me this advice:  hire someone.  A repair person has the tools and the expertise to fix things, and will do it right.

It's excellent advice.

And yet ... could I get the ice maker working again?  It felt like too small a job to hire someone for.  Besides, I replaced the water inlet valve to the ice maker last summer, when it started leaking and made a mess of the drywall in the basement below.  (Fixing the drywall remains on my list of household chores, a full year later.)

So I told the kids to put themselves to bed, got a wrench, and pulled the refrigerator away from the wall.  I checked the water to the ice maker -- no problem there.  My new water inlet valve is still humming along nicely.

I had no choice but to look at the ice maker itself.  I know as much about ice makers as I know about underwater welding.  Nothing.  But still I looked.  I pulled out the shelf in front of the ice maker, and then the drawer underneath.  Inside the drawer was a flat plastic piece that looked quite a bit like a wide-tooth comb.  I felt like a toddler watching "Blue's Clues":  "A clue!  A clue!"

I looked for a long time and couldn't see where the plastic piece might fit.  (Maybe I looked longer than I needed to -- it's summer and the house is hot and I was standing in front of an open freezer door.) Inspiration finally struck.  My favorite website of all time could solve my problem:  repairclinic.com.  I typed in my refrigerator model number and got a list of parts.  There, at number 7, was an ice maker assembly. (For $163!)  And right in front of me was a picture of my wide-tooth comb. Now that I knew where it went, I found the grooves that hold it in place, and I snapped it in.

And was rewarded with a piece of ice.


amydear said...

I will have to share this with Kyle. Our ice maker has been broken all summer (oh the horror!) and I too am missing ice. If you can do it, maybe I can do it. Because clearly Kyle isn't getting it done. I am sorry Mat isn't there to fix things for you, but I am proud of you for getting it done. Enjoy your ice.

Anonymous said...

yeah!!!!! I'd love to come over for some iced beverage! What a JOY for me to go to your blog and find 2 entries! I am loving you and admiring you and rooting for you from Northampton.

I am trying to NAME the moments of joy to myself, so that they don't get bulldozed over by the heaps of stress, melancholy, and misery. The kids have heard me say, "I feel happy!" very suddenly when something goes RIGHT or strikes me as beautiful, or if I remember that I have a choice in how I can react to a tricky situation and I surprise myself by being mature. I this fills them with warmth and they run to me and grab on, wanting to get in on the moment of joy. If I say it out loud I tend to notice it more.

SLP said...

I would have brought over some italian soda if I were still in Boston and we could have toasted and sipped cool drinks :)
Miss you.

H Itzkowitz said...

Good for you on fixing that! You see, sensor icemakers, like the one you have, do have a tendency to stop producing ice on two basic reasons: first, is if your water valve to your ice maker has a leak. Second, is if the harvester (that’s the part with the comb) has missing parts. If this happens, most likely, it’s either that the ice will get stuck and it will not dispense the ice, or that it will stop producing the ice altogether. So congratulations on being able to fix it!

H Itzkowitz

Md Shohidul Islam Robin said...

Good post. DO you prefer Ice cube machine ?