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Monday, October 29, 2012

Today a picture is worth 1000 words

That ice maker that I "fixed" in August broke again, about two weeks after it started working again.  By then it wasn't so hot anymore, and I couldn't see an easy fix.  I decided to take an approach to the problem that I find to be surprisingly effective:  benign neglect.  When I say "surprisingly effective," I mean that my success rate in solving problems using this method is not 0 percent.

The ice maker doesn't have anything to do with these pictures.  Just to be clear, that tree is on my house.  It was blown over today by Hurricane Sandy, which also closed schools, cut off our power briefly (and others' power for much longer), blew down lots of other trees and branches, and is causing our French doors to leak.

If you can't tell, the tree is resting on the corner of the porch and second floor roof, where it looks like it has damaged gutters, some shingles, and some siding and trim.  Surprisingly little damage, given that it's a tree that was blown over onto my house.  I'm not even sure it will meet the $1,000 deductible for my homeowners' insurance.  The photos don't show that a tree on the side of our house is bearing some of the weight of the fallen tree, but maybe you can make out the fact that a broken branch is also bracing the tree, keeping it fairly stable.  

The tree blew down this afternoon, where it will stay until the town Department of Public Works removes it.  I'm not sure what they're going to do about the large section of sidewalk that was pulled up when the tree blew over.

I can't say that I feel lucky -- after all, there's a tree on my house.  But it's stable, the damage is minimal, and since it's a tree that belongs to the town, the town will remove it.  Mat and I always suspected that it might come down during a storm, and it could have fallen straight onto the house instead of onto the corner, with more force, and caused much more damage.  And inexplicably, the ice maker started working again this afternoon.

Actually I do feel quite fortunate, all things considered.