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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The stupidity of bikers

Getting hit by a car while riding a bike -- and wearing a sling to prove it -- starts a lot of conversations. The prize for the best one goes to a guy I recently dated. Very briefly.

You'll see why in this text conversation. Things start out fine and then take a bizarre twist.

John: How are you? I was thinking about you this week. ... I hope you are OK.

Me: I'm doing OK. I got hit by a car riding my bike a few weeks ago but survived. I didn't even have to spend the night in the hospital.

John: Sorry to hear about the bike wreck. You are always so daring.

Me: I don't know how daring I was being, I was just crossing the road. I take it back. Bike riding of any kind is daring.

here it comes ...

John: Yes, bikes are dangerous and yet the laws make it so bikers can do whatever they want and car drivers are liable even for the stupidity of the bikers.

Me: Well, think of it this way. If a driver makes a mistake they probably have a dent or a scratch. If a biker makes a mistake they probably get to go to the ER. So they learn fast.
John: Bikers want to be cars when it is advantageous to them and pedestrians when it benefits them as well.

Me: This stuff is great. But you should probably save it for someone who hasn't been hit by a car in the last month.

A pad of Post-It notes has more empathy.


Aly said...

File that one away in the "Dating is Fun!" files.

The Slow Cyclist said...

So sorry to hear of your bike wreck! I hope you are OK. I think about getting hit by cars a lot and have had many close calls over the years due to my bike addiction.

I get most scared during commuter hours b/c drivers are on autopilot and just don't see you. They just seem to be in a rush and are driving a route they could do with their eyes closed and probably are.

Anyway glad you are recovering. I am pretty handy with bike repairs if your bike needs a doctor and have taking over the garage with my bike shop.

We miss you guys. Hope we can find an excuse to get together soon!


Rachel Morrow said...

Hmmm . . . What was he thinking?!

The Proud Llama said...

Geez, what a jerk.

It's funny - Mike says the exact thing - it irks him when bikes conveniently switch to pedestrian rules, then car rules, vice versa.

But completely agree! Totally inappropriate for him to hammer you with this and only express ONE sentence of sympathy. Good riddance!

Brennan Peterson said...

The reaction of John in that post is tragically funny. If I saw that happen in a couples therapy session, I would just stare in amazement. People who lack empathy are the worst kind of partners and only induce incredibly loneliness and eroding self confidence. Saying goodbye to the human post-it-note is a very good thing.